Music List

Touhou 06: "U.N. Owen Was Her?" MIDI portEdit

By Metarius6

  • This was my attempt to port the game's MIDI version of the song to Cladun x2. I don't like how it turned out all that much, but maybe someone else will. Song author: ZUN

Pokemon RBY Trainer Battle Theme | (Loop Version)Edit

By encapturer

  • It took a little searching to find a suitable midi to start from, and a little working to get the soundfonts to sound like the gameboy version of the game but I am satisfied with it for the most part. The loop version cuts out the intro, in case you're in a stage long enough for that to happen. Midi version by João Buaes.

Holy OrdersEdit

By an unknown Japanese creator

Innocent Primeval Breaker & Way of LifeEdit

From NIS's site

  • From the Ys Bar Edit of NIS'.

Ride on TimeEdit

By an unknown Japanese creator

  • I have no clue what the original is. I thought it was Ride on Time by Yamashita Tatsuro but it doesn't seem like it. It sounds pretty catchy regardless.

Megaman ThemesEdit

By Owenxh

  • Contains BubbleMan, Metal Man, and Heat Man

Super Mario Bros. ThemeEdit

By Owenxh

Guile's ThemeEdit

By LotoPhoenixLord.

Danger! Black/White MixEdit

By Teffy

  • I'm not happy with how the first part sounds, though I copied it exactly there seems to be some issue with compatibility between Mabinogi/ClaDun that makes it sound off. The original version is here if anyone wants to take a separate stab at it.

Bloody TearsEdit

By Teffy

  • Fixed the errors. Now properly loops and sounds acceptable!

Vampire KillerEdit

By LotoPhoenixLord

  • Note by Maker. This is my best work ever. But Im beginning to think there something wrong or something missing to it. Please get it try and tell me what you think about it.

Cornered (Crappy)Edit

By Teffy

  • This was imported from here, but despite changing the tempo on the second melody I can't get it to sound right... at all. If anyone wants to take a stab at fixing it, feel free!

Showtime (Original Mix)Edit

By Teffy

  • IT'S A SNOG BICTH! (A song from Homestuck, to be exact. Properly looped now, too! Sounds A-MAY-ZING!) Note that this is the Original Mix rather than the Imp Strife Mix, which is slower and lacks a bass subline in the Original Mix.


By Teffy

  • OK so I really, really, REALLY wanted to make this thefull song but MML sucks and kept going off-tempo despite copying EXACTLY what was shown on my screen, so here's the first verse looped, but IT SOUNDS GOOOOOOOOD (8 O's exactly.)

Sonic - Ice Cap ZoneEdit

by Zahi

  • My favourite song from Sonic The Hedgehog 3.

Sonic - Final BossEdit

by Zahi

  • Final Boss theme from Sonic The Hedgehog 3. And best Boss theme of all sonic games so far.

Continuation of the DreamEdit

By an unknown Japanese creator

Clash on Big BridgeEdit

By an unknown Japanese creator

Fighting the Shadowy Gods

By an unknown Japanese creator

Overcome DifficultiesEdit

By Metarius6

  • Boss battle music from Tales of Phantasia. The beginning part is removed for a seamless loop. Preview here:

Sorairo DaysEdit

by Seishinmahou @ GameFAQs

  • The opening theme for the anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Goes well with the Kamina and Gurren Lagann edits. Needs improvement.

Dr.Wily Stage 1&2Edit

by LotoPhoenixLord

  • Learn abit more about this Editing site. If all my music is mess up let me know so I can fix it.

Lust SINEdit

by Stupidity21

  • Originally by Shadaloo here. It fades out at the end but I left it there anyway. If corrupt, use Magicsave.
  • Also this is a shortened version. Comparison here.

Mortal Kombat!Edit

Made by me (Bc4life) Hope you guys enjoy.(made on cfw 5.00 m33-6)

  • Main Theme for the Mortal Kombat series.

Never Gonna Give You UpEdit

by Cronodas.

  • Because it had to be done.
  • Arrangement by Kurt Cefra - if you don't like the bass track, blame him ;)

Saya no UtaEdit

By Lord Fluffy Dog

Lavender TownEdit

By Lord Fluffy Dog

  • From Pokémon.


By Lord Fluffy Dog

Route 1Edit

By an unknown Japanese creator

Rainbow ResortEdit

By an unknown Japanese creator

  • From Kirby

Hand in HandEdit

By an unknown Japanese creator

  • From what I can tell this is an original song according to the description the author put. It has that kind of "ominious dungeon crawling" type of feel but with some Japanese flair.

Frog ThemeEdit

By XTiphX

  • From Chrono Trigger. I think it sounds good but any feedback will be appreciated.

Kanto Gym Leader (GS)Edit

By XTiphX

  • From Pokemon G/S.

The Desisive BattleEdit


  • From Final Fantasy VI. I think i did a good job on it. Tell me what you think.

Melt (Hatsune Miku)Edit

  • From Hatsune Miku,also know as Volcaloids

By Bc4life

Bolero of fireEdit

  • from Zelda:Ocarina of time,the song to teleport to Death Mountain

by Bc4life

FF-VII Battle themeEdit

  • From one of my favorite classic game Final Fantasy 7 battle theme

By Bc4life

Drunk as I LikeEdit

By Trixter177

  • From Touhou 10.5. It'll probably only fit in the tavern though.

Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned InsectEdit

By Trixter177

  • Wriggle Nightbug's theme from Touhou 08.

Chaoz FantasyEdit

By Trixter177

  • Original composition by ParagonX9, also used in The Impossible Game.

Blaze Heatnix's ThemeEdit

By Trixter177

  • From Mega Man X6. I had to remove the first part of the song for it loop properly.

Temple ThemeEdit

By Emalde

  • From Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. This took ages to write but it sounds perfect.

Apple MarketEdit

By Trixter177

  • Just a quick Mega Man Legends song I made in about half an hour.

Nyan CatEdit

By Trixter177

  • Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! :3

Wind FortressEdit

By Trixter177

  • One of the unused tracks in Cave Story. Out of all the songs I did, this is probably the one where I used the most effort.
  • EDIT: I lowered the tempo a little and made the volume more balanced.

Dark KnightEdit

By Sainthell

  • Axel Almer's Theme. took 4 hours to finish. enjoy..

Fight, Unlosing Ranger. ZHP: Fight, Unlosing Ranger.Edit

By Raimondz

  • From the game Z.H.P: Unlosing Ranger V/S Darkdeath Evilman

Lord Laharl... Hymn?Edit

By Raimondz

  • From the Game Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days/ Curse Of Darkness.

Rock'n RockEdit

By Raimondz

  • From The Game Soul Nomad &The World Eater
  • I attempted to made this song but It lacks of percusion. Sorry.

Fighting of the spiritsEdit

By Raimondz

  • Version from the Game Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon(GBC).

Devil May Cry anime introEdit

By EwadS2343

  • From Devil May Cry Anime.