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Unconventional Characters

Unconventional characters are for characters that do not follow the normal head/armor style, or are unusually shaped compared to "standard" characters! Put them in this section!



(Character, Armor, Bow)

Jirachi from Pokemon. Jirachi is using Swift.

By Skazz22



(Character, Armor)

It will have a nicer effect when you use Dagger, because it attack is 'sting'.
The only flaw for this Character Pack is that when you turn left or right side to shield, it look ugly due to Hands edit (it do involve Shield edit). I also added wings to it, but please give me some times to make edit the wings to have 'beats the wings' action (translated by google) because I rush this edit up.

By Pirateof7sea



Added 'beats the wings' action. Just go to 'Edit Face' and load this save edit. Its wings will now move instead of a fixed shape. By Pirateof7sea



(Character, Armor, Bow)

Sprite composed mostly of hair animations. Armor and Bow sprites are blank, sword projectiles. Video in action here.

By Kihsama


Dragon RiderEdit

(Character, Armor, Sword, Bow)

From wild imagination >w<)/

By Lhanzkie07


RE ArakuneEdit


Use the No Armor edit please.

Second revision of Arakune (red and grey one in the picture) He now has the shark animation for runnning left/right. Also the blue insect is animated.

By Dragonmancerking


Ichigo FinalEdit

(Character, Weapon)

Use the No Armor Edit please.

Ichigo Mugetsu. He is made entirely out of hair animation. I was originally going to make Ichigo do a flash step when running but it didn't come out right. By Dragonmancerking.




Use the No Armor Edit please.

Taokaka from Blazblue. Her arms move and I personally like this one.

By Dragonmancerking

Screenshot 0104

Screenshot 0107

Hiyo AngelEdit

(Character, Weapon)

A mysterious Hiyokki that appeared one day. It likes to bring miracles to Hiyokkis. It says things like, "May faith be with you always! Dude!"

His weapon of a choice is an orb (Bow), which shoots out many angels when he attacks.

By Betafalx

Using Choir of Angels

Screenshot 0105

Screenshot 0108

Hiyo DevilEdit

(Character, Weapon)

A demonic Hiyokki that was a normal and timid Hiyokki before. It likes to 'sell' evil to others. It says things like, "Hey.. Want to be evil? It's free of charge. Guaranteed. Hehe..."

His weapon of choice is a mixed polearm and pitchfork (Spear).

By Betafalx

Attacking with Annihilator

Screenshot 0106

Screenshot 0109


(Character, Weapon)

A machine made by an unknown Hiyokki lover. It likes oil and fuel. It says things like, "GREETINGS, FELLOW BRETHRENS. ..CAN I HAVE SOME CANNED FUEL?"

Its weapon of choice is a living claw named 'Dice' (Blunt Weapon).

By Betafalx

Wielding Dice


Hiyokki talk



A standard Hiyokki from the Hiyo tribe. It says things like, " Where you going, man?"

(For recoloring/base purposes)

By Betafalx

Pidgey Shoot


(Character, Weapon)

A flying type pokemon that fires wind thingies. Use the No Armor Edit from the Armors section.

By Nazato



(Character, Bow)

The infamous blocky glitch from the first Pokémon games. Use the No Armor edit please. The included weapon is one of his well-known moves, Sky Attack. Don't worry though, he won't do anything like actually crashing your game. Or maybe he will. :3

by maridood


  • Made the Blunt a Bow to more correctly match Sky Attack's animation ingame.
Screenshot 0016

Screenshot 0018


(Character, Weapon)

Rocket from Rocket Slime.

He shoots a fellow slime as a weapon.

By Betafalx




Nyx from Persona 3.

By Dragonmancerking

Screenshot 0021

Hero with horse

Half-minute Hero Edit


The hero from Half-minute hero. Along with a black horse.

By Betafalx




Use the 'No Armor' edit please. An OC dragon.

By Dragonmancerking



(Character, Armor)

4th Generation Legendary Pokemon. Also my personal favorite Pokemon


Third Kaze

Third Kazekage PuppetEdit

(Character, Weapon)

Sasori's "favorite" puppet from Naruto. Use the 'No Armor' edit please. Weapon is the skill Iron Sand: Scatter

By Dragonmancerking

4 tails


(Character, Armor)

The four-tailed form of Naruto.

By Betafalx

Screenshot 0032 (1)


(Character, Armor)

The six-tailed form of Naruto.

By Betafalx



(Character, Armor)

Nine-tailed demon fox from Naruto.

By Betafalx


Mario, Latios, Latias and BulbasaurEdit


Mario from Mario Bros, Latios(blue,) Latias(red,) and Bulbasaur from Pokemon Leaf Green.

By DragonmancerKing

Geno Breaker

Geno BreakerEdit

(Character, Weapon)

From Zoids

It took a lot of work but there it is XD. It has Shadow flying around. The attack animation isn´t as great as i wanted but its not bad...

-Use the "no armor" edit.

By XTiphX

Rear view/ Side view running/ Side view

Screenshot 0013



Black knight. Use no armor edit.

By Dragonmancerking




Use no armor edit please. Konan from Naruto using Dance of the Shikigami, which turns her body into paper.

By Dragonmancerking




Use the no armor edit please. Monitor from Halo.

By Dragonmancerking

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