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Characters Edits

BlackRose Portrait

Blackrose Xth 2

BlackRose (.hack//LINK)

Character / Armor

BlackRose with her Xth Form upgrade with the hair being more based off her in-game polygon model.

Back View | Sliding | Right View


Bordeaux Normal 2

Bordeaux (.hack//GU)

Character Type 1 / Character Type 2 / Armor

There are two faces in this pack, eye brow raised and normal. Instead of the standard "DEAD" down sprite that I use for all of my characters I used an "AIDA" one with her face the same as her AIDA infected appearance in GU.

AIDA Infected | Side View

Kyosuke Kagami

Kyosuke Front 2

Kyosuke Kagami

Character / Armor

Appearance is wholly based on his Capcom vs. SNK 2 representation. The screenshots, for some reason, makes the red inside of his coat blackish instead of red. It shows up fine in-game though.

Side View | Dead | Back View

Serene Portrait

Selene Winged


Character Type 1 / Character Type 2 / Armor

From Riviera. I actually think the non-winged version is better so I included both versions in case.

Other Edits

OC Icon

Bordeaux Olive Grit2

Olive Grit (F)

Armor (Orthodox Skin / Dark Skin)

Original Content

Left Side View | Back View

OC Icon


Noble Earth (M)

Armor (Orthodox Skin)

Original Content
Leona Pink Alt Bust

BlackRose Leona Alt

Leona's Maximum Impact Alt. Outfit (F)

Armor (Orthodox Skin / Dark Skin)

Actually the pink is not included because I thought it made it look even more flashy than it already is. You can add it in by replacing the unused brown colors. Necklace was also not included because of lack of detail and it stood out too much but you can add that in too if you wish. No sheaths added as such things belong in a hair edit.

Kite Gage Costume

Lazurian Uniform G (M)

Armor (Orthodox Skin)

Gage's uniform from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. Vanilla Kite not included.
C256 Bordeaux in Vanessa Clothes True

Business Boxer (F)

Armor (Orthodox Skin / Dark Skin)

Vanessa's clothes from KOF IX based off her sprite than her artwork.
The tie is not built into the armor edit. You will have to draw them into the face edit. The reason for this is because ClaDun's sprites are too low res, and it's better for the tie to move independently anyway. You will need to make small changes to your character's front view and both of his/her side views.

Incomplete Edits

Kneesocks Adrian Andrews2 Mudie Portrait

Kneesocks Prototype

AA Prototype

Mudie Sprite
(Beach Episode) (The Stolen Turnabout) (No Helmet)